the    hidden    story    of   pregnancy   &    preeclampsia      

Why does a detectable disorder of pregnancy kill 76,000 women each year?


A dangerous complication of pregnancy you've probably never heard of.

5-8% of pregnancies worldwide are affected by preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, such as eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. We've spent months talking with women and families affected by preeclampsia -- an illness that remains sidelined in the conversation about women’s health, pregnancy, medical research, and infant mortality.


While every person has their own story to tell, the similarities are striking. We hear "My doctor ignored my symptoms," "I had no idea what preeclampsia was," and "Listen to your body" -- sentiments echoed over and over, story after story.  Why didn't we know before it was too late? As OB/GYN and MFM Specialist Dr. Kecia Gaither shared with us in an interview :"The Big P. is NOT rare." 

our story begins in 2014

with Executive Producer Kristine, an American woman who nearly died from complications with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome during a 72 hour ordeal - enduring the premature, induced-labor-turned-emergency-C-Section birth of her son.  You can listen to her story on Soundcloud. 

under pressure: 

A documentary that explores the deep questions concerning women's health and pregnancy

Our film weaves a narrative of preeclampsia survivors, women’s health advocates, medical researchers and practitioners. Our story will educate about the complexities of this life-threatening illness. Awareness is key when it comes to saving the lives of expectant mothers and their babies.


The film will be anchored in personal narratives like Kristine's. The documentary also explores the inherent questions and issues raised within our stories of survival:


  • What can we do to educate women and families to look for and treat the early signs and symptoms of preeclampsia?

  • How can we bring about change and awareness in society – changes that can help improve outcomes for expectant mothers and babies?

  • What can we learn from survivors of the illness?

  • What does the future of preeclampsia research look like?

  • What can those who have never experienced preeclampsia do to help?

  • How can women and families affected by preeclampsia and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy find
    a community to share their stories with one another?

  • How can influence the medical community to hear our words and experiences? 

  • How can survivors cope and find community? 

SUrvivor Accounts

We collected interviews from 50 preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome survivors across the globe. 

Medical experts

We conducted extensive research and spoken with medical experts to shed light on this deadly disorder.



We sat down on camera with experts on the front lines of preeclampsia research.

production team

Over 60 hours of footage went into this 26:00 documentary! That's a lot of filming & editing! 

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