Preeclampsia does not discriminate.

Any woman who is pregnant can develop preeclampsia. We've interviewed survivors from all over the country and even other continents using Skype. All in-studio interviews took place in Philadelphia. Special thanks to all of our interviewees! We couldn't tell this story without you.



Stephanie H. - Port Huron, MI                                                        Jennifer B. - Philadelphia, PA  

Allison W. - Austin, TX                                                                     Chrissie R. - Philadelphia, PA                     

Deidre J. - Denver, CO                                                                     Lauren C. - Marlton, NJ 

Vince. J. - Denver, CO                                                                      Stephanie M. - Drexel Hill, PA 

Robin V. - Grand Rapids, MI                                                           Angela S. - Feasterville, PA 

Andrea L. - Dover, OH                                                                     Kari B. - Macungie, PA

Lauren A. - Eldersberg, MD                                                            Erin H. - Sewell, NJ 

Dara P. - Lincoln, NE                                                                        Brian H. - Sewell, NJ 

Marisa P. - La Jolla, CA                                                                   Hollie M. - Lancaster, PA 

Leah B.- Guelph, Ontario, Canada                                                Darin M. - Lancaster, PA 

Kristen H. - Colorado Springs, CO                                                 Kaci C. - Philadelphia, PA 

Josie P. - Wales, UK                                                                        Julia L. - Pottstown, PA 
LeAnn B. - Hagerstown, MD                                                          Katie B. - Glendora, NJ 

Crystal C. - Walton Beach, FL                                                       Kate S. - Lansdale, PA 

Kelly J. - Lexington, SC                                                                   Heather L. - Columbia, PA 

Peggy C. - Ann Arbor, MI                                                                Becky E. - Columbia, PA 

Lindsay N. - Olathe, KS                                                                   Leanne E. - Wilmington, NC 

Sarah H. - Candler, NC                                                                    Cormac V. - Philadelphia, PA 

Tabitha T. - Australia                                                                       Chris V. - Philadelphia, PA 

Dimitra M. - Iowa City, IA 

Allyson E. - Summerville, SC 

Leslie K. - Gonzales, TX 

Anjali S. - Charlotte, NC
Katrina L. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Liliana L. - New York, NY 

Stefanie R-Z. - Tampa, FL 






In-Studio (Philadelphia)

Doctors, Researchers & Medical Professionals: 

Researchers & Medical Professionals

Dr. Jim Roberts

Dr. Kecia Gaither

Magee-Womens Research Institute (Pittsburgh)


Headed by Dr. Roberts, a nationally recognized and leading senior investigator in preeclampsia research, Roberts Research Group operates out of Pittsburgh, PA. Their work has been instrumental in proving preeclampsia is 'more than just hypertension in pregnancy.' Currently, they are investigating the role uric acid plays in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia.






Director, Perinatal Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln 


"Dr. Kecia Gaither is a double board-certified physician in OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine and holds a Masters' degree in Public Health. A perinatal consultant and women’s health expert, Gaither’s expertise is grounded in both research and her professional experience in caring for women with diabetes, HIV and obesity in pregnancy. With more than 20 years of professional experience, driven by her mission to provide exemplary prenatal care to all women regardless of circumstance, Dr. Gaither positively impacts the lives of thousands of women delivering valuable information on a spectrum of women's health issues via social media, writing, public appearances, media commentary and teaching." Provided via Dr. Gaither's site.


Perri is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Center City, Philadelphia. She specializes in treating depression, anxiety disorders, and perinatal mood disorders including postpartum depression. She believes in the power of talk therapy and building a strong, nurturing relationship with her clients. She also runs Philadelphia's only new parent and postpartum support group.

Perri Shaw Borish

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