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Under Pressure was completed on July 27, 2018 after three years of production and post-production. Phew! 

Our goal is to share this film with a wide audience.  On March 1, 2019, the film will be publicly available via Vimeo - for free - for individuals and non-profits who wants to screen it and share it!  The film may be licensed for a fee to for-profit organizations.  Please send us an email for more details! 


If you missed our Philadelphia premiere on October 21st, there's a few ways to get involved before the film goes public in 2019.


1. Organize and Host a FREE screening for your community or cause!  


2. Keep us posted on film festivals, women's health and/or education events that find  through social media. 

3. Check with your public library, church, or community center to see if they are interested in hosting a community screening or event.  

special donor


Many of the survivors we interviewed also donated to help offset production costs. Without their generosity and support, this film wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.

- The Under Pressure team

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